Surface, etc.

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Summer Solstice

Solstice begins the real summer heat, long evenings, seeking shade, and if you’re lucky, fireflies.

Summer Solstice is restrained and sophisticated. Click the image to see Midsummer Night as well as the brighter Midsummer Day version.

Mid-city Street Party

The best cities are noisy, diverse and welcoming.

This collection is an ode to community gatherings where divisions are set aside for hot dogs, spicy wings, tamales, and face painting.

July Vines

One simple floral in many, many coordinating colorways, July Vines celebrate themselves.



Thoughtful motifs continue to emerge in my work that explore, dissect, and reimagine the natural world.

Statement Walls

Large and huge scale patterns for anyone seeking to make a bold statement in a room, in a public space, or as a photo or theater backdrop. Contact me to license one of these or for bespoke projects.


Public space tree fences

Laser-cut steel project for Los Angeles Mid-city.