Surface design: Cobalt Robotics

surface design for sherpa blanket

The isometric maze gift blanket began as a weekend personal project. The idea was sparked while I was developing our illustration approach for security case studies. The calm isometric look was a combination of professional and approachable that reflected the brand we were building.

As I developed the first round of illustrations, the idea of Cobalt’s iconic robot roaming the halls of an isometric maze continued to nag at me. Finally, one Sunday morning, I sat down with a cup of coffee and worked out the seamlessly repeating pattern.

The look was simple, but striking, enhanced by the electric blue that traveled along the tops of the walls.

I dropped in a robot, and it looked great… but there was so much blue it was oppressive. Solution: an occasional planter with a poof of flowers in bright complementary colors relieved the monotony.

When the time came to discuss a holiday gift for the company, I was excited to share a few ideas that involved the maze pattern, and the concept was received with enthusiasm. Super soft sherpa blankets were produced with the Society6 print-on-demand system, and were a hit with the Cobalt team. It was a delight and an honor to give a little of my time toward what became a heartfelt gift to the entire company.

Photo credits: Taliesin Day