LA mid-city tree fences

Design for laser-cut steel in public space

Making place is really more about making space for a community to express itself through the tools I provide as a designer. The Pico community tree fence project is still in process, but there is a lot to celebrate!

Listening first

As a founding member of the Pico Urban Design Initiative I had lots of conversations with residents and business owners, and heard and related with their pride of place. I was determined to give meaning and consequence to these “inconsequential” decorative additions.

Research into community culture past and present revealed its unique character. On photo walks I documented hints and remnants of its art deco foundations, as well as the storefronts and faces of its current highly creative, diverse community.

I worked with architect Ric. Abramson to meet design standards, city requirements, and practical considerations (such as making the fences theft-proof and minimizing the accumulation of wind-blown litter).

We did not want to simply echo nationwide urban design trends and lose the community’s individual character. To that end, I explored architectural elements, geographic location, and the area’s special optimistic vibe. Here are some other ideas we explored…

Technical specs for the fabricators…

I would love to do more with placemaking and outdoor materials! Please contact me if you are interested in creating an inviting and uplifting public space in your community.