GSOC App Product: Cobalt Robotics

Cobalt Robotics is a security service powered by robots and human Robot Specialists working together. It’s a new way of using robots and a dramatically new way of doing security.

These images reflect the ongoing iterative development of the Cobalt SOC (Security Operations Center)—a key facet of the security services product the company offers.

Always attuned to risk and vulnerability, it is critical that our enterprise security customers are able to monitor the robot, seeing what it sees through its multiple cameras.

Also, providing the ability to remotely experience Cobalt’s patrols—in real time—is a powerful way to demonstrate the value of the service.

No actual customer locations are shown in these comps.

Working closely with our Head of Product, Head of Commercialization, and customers, we developed the Cobalt SOC App. With it, customers can remotely monitor incidents as they are happening at any time during the robot’s patrol hours. If an unusual or critical incident requires immediate action, the app delivers video surveillance and other important data directly to the appropriate decision-makers.

Wireframes were begun on paper. Shown here are some next-stage (but still early) concepts.

In addition to hearing the concerns and frustrations of security professionals, we also dove deeply into industry norms by interviewing security managers, undergoing guard card training, and visiting our customer’s security operations centers.

We learned about the kinds of information they were used to seeing, management’s backgrounds (often in military and law enforcement), and what features we could offer users highly trained in security, but not in robotics.

Personas: C-suite Executive, SOC Manager, Security Guard/SOC operator

Beyond the essential functions, we also began to get a sense of the aesthetics that would reflect Cobalt’s white glove service, communicate credibility, and earn the trust of an industry that has no patience for flashy startups.

The results are an intuitive tool that delivers increasingly meaningful features as our customer base expands.

Proposed event modals.