Startup: promo pitch deck

An on-demand shipping company approached us for an upcoming meeting where they’d be pitching out-of-the-box experiential campaigns to a world class customer. They had the ideas, but lacked the polish.

Our solution was to go simple and bold, combining brand elements like typeface and color, rather than going with an always-awkward pairing of company logos.

With such a primary palette, as well as the client’s spunky concepts, it made sense to develop simple, upbeat illustrations to buoy the vibe. I created a set of abstract packages for subtle effect on the title pages, which the client loved.

As with most pitch decks, a lot of the text had to be redacted to protect the client’s privacy.

Package Design: Frankie Paige Skin

I developed the logo, identity treatments, and packaging for this project.

Frankie Paige is one of the most sought after skincare professionals in the entertainment industry, with studios in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, California. Her treatments are trusted by many of the most photographed faces in the world.

Frankie’s original 3-step system has seen tremendous success, and a new product, specifically formulated to treat acne, got an incredible reception during the test phase.

Because the new product targets a younger age group, they wanted to give the packaging a fresher look. At the same time, it was important to keep the crisp overall feeling that would reflect the rigorous lab research and clinical testing at the core of their products.