Book cover: Connected

Connected Book Cover, design by Penina S. Finger

Using an image to invite readers into a book is a lot like designing a web page. We have seconds to get their attention. The challenge is even greater when the topic is relationships.

Our solution was to reflect the book’s gentle, but straightforward content with a simple focal composition in shades of blue. As the viewer’s gaze rests there, the image begins to yield dimensional subtlety.

Blue can be tough to print because it can look so luminous on the client’s monitor, which does not translate to the subtractive processes of ink on paper. These shades (following a little back-and-forth with the printer) printed beautifully.

Letterpress and black foil business card

Letterpress and black foil stamp business card on black museum board

The type for this printed piece was subtly massaged to give it a little more delicacy and keep it organic. I narrowed the thickness of the script and gave some more flow to the letter joins. As you can see, it still held up beautifully on the press.

The short run (250 cards) was printed on black museum board, and cut to slightly shorter dimensions: 3.5 x 1.625″. Thanks to Letterpress Unlimited, a family-run local press, for excellent customer service and a beautiful job.

CD covers: Alan Broadbent

CD covers and packaging created for Grammy-winning jazz artist, Alan Broadbent.

CD Cover: Alan Broadbent Trio, design by Penina S. Finger

CD Insert: Alan Broadbent Trio, design by Penina S. Finger

CD Cover: Alan Broadbent Trio 2, design by Penina S. Finger

CD Cover: Alan Broadbent & NDR Bigband, design by Penina S. Finger