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Hahhh watchmen. The book that many would call the greatest graphic novel ever written. Why review it? Because writing a review of something you don’t like isn’t fun. This book, is something I like.





The art of Dave Gibbons is an exceptionally pretty thing to look at. Simple pen and ink art with cartoony bright colors, giving the comic a vary 70′s feel (and yes it was written in the 70′s shut up).

The amount of information packed on to each page is mind boggling. The simple art keeps you from getting confused, yet still shines with detail. All of the environments are recreated perfectly frame by frame,

the view changing angles simply reveals more awesome details. Giving everything a surprisingly three dimensional feel





Oh my god. This book has some of the most genius use’s of words since lord of the rings. Alan Moore really does know how to send chills down your spine. Every character has life. No one’s good, no ones bad. The character development is so good, that by the end of the book it feels like you know them. Which makes it even more shocking when someone dies.




Explicit content?

The book is filled with blood and violence. They don’t use it in a stupid way, its just there because its a vary violent story.

There a several “sassy moments” throughout the book. As well as quit a bit of strip clubs and that sort of crap

This blogs age rating




Watchmen is one of the greatest peaces of literature ever created.

If you havent read it already. Go to the library or book store, and Get This Book.



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