Great Stutues

Hey! Heres a poem I wrote while at writers group! (A poem I wrote while the meeting was taking place)

Bonus points if you guess what this is about. And if you ever watch a movie in the hopefully near future that reminds you of this. Then you are probably right.

Anyway, enjoy!

As I Wander through this forbidden land.

I feel the rocks, the sky, the sand. And as I ride open my Agro. I wonder why? Why does he want this?
Why must I clamber through fur and claw?
For love, I think. Thats what he said. I could have her back he said. 
The shimmer of the great metal shaft I follow with such haste its frightening.   
The taste of gods on my tongue, the blood of beasts upon my sword. I clamber up the rocky cliff. And stair, into its great eyes.
It stairs back and I wonder, why? Why must I do this? Why must this great colosus fall?
Why must I puncture this dark balloon and spill its deep black shadows into the thick desert air.
As I plunge my sword into its great hulking mass. I hope please let them be lies let the warning my brethren had given me be misled, this has to work it had to bring her back.
So their it lay. Yet another great statue crumbles. Yet another black tendril strikes me to the ground. And as I lay and see the light I hear her voice, and feel the arrow in my leg, the sword in my back.
As I awake upon the cold stone floor. A black tear trickles down my muddy face.
I’m scared

8 thoughts on “Great Stutues

  1. I know what your talking about. If you want to know what the answer is, shift all the letters one backward, if you don’t want to know what the answer is, then don’t crack the code.

    tibepx pg uif dpmpttvt.

    There, thats what the poem is about.
    There is one thing i don’t know, what movie would remind me of this, if anyone knows, please post, I really want to know, I would wait and try to find the movie myself, but I am 99% percent certain that I will not be watching a movie that resembles this anytime soon

  2. Sorry about the double comment thing, the website glitched and I thought that it did not go through the first time.

  3. Yup! Tricky… I won’t specify how for anyone reading this but good job! (vary misleading :D) God the emoticons WordPress makes are disgusting.

  4. I love this! Especially this line: ‘Why must I puncture this dark balloon and spill its deep black shadows in to the thick desert air.’

    I could read a whole novel of this stuff!

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