Favly, Inc. Product

Favly is a social referral app that relies on personal referrals from users’ own networks, rather than star ratings and reviews.

When I stepped in, the iOS app was underway:

  • Brand look and feel were established, but not systematized.
  • Design decisions didn’t conform to native iOS standards, draining development resources.
  • Without Android and web platforms it was not meeting MVP requirements.
  • Email and mobile notification features were needed.

Along with founders, the key stakeholder was the marketing director. I collaborated with him on strategy, and led a senior and junior designer. I coordinated directly with the dev team to drive the project forward with the least possible friction.

Our iOS version of the app was far enough along that we could use it as a user-testable prototype, with the plan to leapfrog improvements between the two mobile platforms based on user feedback.


Tight on resources, I designed a simple base email template and commandeered wall space to map and track all notifications. The marketing director and I co-planned, co-wrote, and co-strategized every piece with the intent to maximize the potential of these touchpoints for:

  • Helpfulness to users
  • Beauty
  • Brand cohesiveness
  • Attracting more users


For iOS, I worked with the senior designer to iterate UX and UI improvements, as well as promised features, steering the product away from its initial ultra-customized interface and catering more to iOS-native design.


In contrast to the approach that had been taken for the iOS version of the app, we chose to design for as Android-native an experience as possible, closely following material design and material.io guidelines and best practices, so that we could focus development resources on improving current features and introducing promised new ones.


Of the three platforms, we tackled the web app last. I pushed to balance consistency to the mobile app experience with the opportunity to offer features that would take full advantage of the platform.

For more details about my identity and brand design work for this company, see Favly, Inc. Brand.