Co-branded web ad product: is a high traffic home improvement and home repair website, with revenue streams ranging from lead generation to targeted and traditional ad sales.

For the co-branded native ad product I developed for the site, the challenge was to deliver a modular system that was super efficient to implement while also being flexible enough to accommodate the drastically different types of content each brand had available.

I provided top-tier sales tools, led design end-to-end, worked with customers and internal teams to identify relevant content, closely monitored resulting metrics, and worked with the development team to continuously improve workflow and customer success.

As a result, the product we were initially selling for $6K per campaign quickly began earning $30-40K per campaign—about a 600% increase in revenue.

Native Advertising: Co-branded Web Ad for Behr Paints

Native Advertising: Co-branded Web Ad for Dremel

Native Advertising: Co-branded Web Ad for Mitsubishi

Advertisers essentially “took over” a section of the website which focused on articles and tips related to their unique ad campaign objectives. We gathered relevant content from their repositories as well as from our own massive library. As much as possible, we stuck to instructive or inspiring content.


  • The “product” is essentially the website’s targeted (do-it-yourselfers) and substantial traffic.
  • The site owns abundant content highly relevant to DIY advertisers.
  • These are max 3- to 6-month campaigns, so longtail strategies that content-based sites like ours generally rely on won’t work.
  • Advertisers with the most content (any combination of articles, photos, videos and/or community features), the least “salesy” content, and the best organized content had the best results.