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Ffald-y-Brenin Retreat Centre in Wales was built in 1990 and received a Prince of Wales Award.

C.S. Day Photo Archive

C.S. Day Curriculum Vitae

The Life Science Trust
Pishwanton Wood, Scotland

With Margaret Colquhoun at Pishwanton, Christopher developed the principles of the Consensus Design Process, this taps the synergistic power of a group (here, students and laypeople). With heightened consciousness and sensitivity to the four layers of place, the group discovers that design solutions reveal themselves.

More pictures can be found in our Photo Archives.

The first Pishwanton structure must be completed within the year. See the Life Science Trust web page, or contact:

The Life Science Trust
Pedlar's Way
Gifford, East Lothian, EH41 4JD

Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1620 810259

Pictures at left:
Challenge: Utilize onsite building materials and a miniscule budget to create a centre which recalls and inspires our "oneness" with the natural world.

Result: From a damaged landscape, harmony and care have begun to emerge.

Top: The main building nestles gracefully within its surroundings.

Bottom Photos: A design workshop led by Margaret (center), in which we walked the entire 60-acre property.

East Bay Waldorf School
San Francisco, California

The Consensus Design Process: Engaging all concerned parties, especially the building's ultimate users (in this case, the teachers and staff), in site evaluation and design. Working together, combining objective observation with valuable personal experience, a satisfying solution emerges.

Pictures at left:
Challenge: A classic row of hand-me-down institutional bungalows must be humanized and expanded... within the constraints of yet another limitied school budget!

Result: From seemingly irreconsilable differences, an ambitious, but unanimous vision is born.

The top photo is actually from a later workshop, an expansion on the one which sparked the design below.

The bottom drawing shows how all four elements of nature - earth, air, fire (sunlight) and water - were brought into harmony, providing an uplifting and healthy environment for students and staff.

Pen-y-llyn Building Extension

The family is growing, so Pen-y-llyn, where Christopher has lived for twenty years, must stretch a little to hold it!

Pictures at left:
Challenge: Bumpa (Chris' dad) and Olaf (Chris' son, age 9) need a space of their own at Pen-y-llyn. Bumpa needs ground-floor, easy access to amenities and family activity. Olaf needs privacy and a place to grow that nurtures his remarkable imagination.

Result: The existing space was Christopher's workshop, which adjoined, by a short hallway, to the kitchen. The workshop is now relegated to a part of the house that was once cowshed (lately "storage"). By building outward just a bit (top photo) and inward a bit (bottom photo), we were able to provide a spacious room for Bumpa, and a cozy, but ample and sunny room for Olaf which opens onto a tiny garden.

The top photo was taken just after the outer wall to Olaf's room was finished. The upper half will be almost entirely glazed.

The bottom photo is of the inner wall which separates Olaf's room from Bumpa's. To the right, you can just see the woodwork that frames his door. That's Stewart, our neighbor, on the left, who is helping with electrical work, as well as some general building.

The Vineyard
Fresno, California

The Vineyard is a multi-use development, to include both business and residential spaces. It is slated for groundbreaking next year.

Pictures at left:
Challenge: Design a beautiful, safe underground parking lot, filled with light and fresh air!

Result: Six or seven card models later, and with the help of architectural engineer, David Tasker, we seem to have a solution.


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