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Starting with £36 (and some pence) and abundant vision, Nant-y-cwm Steiner School teachers, parents, children, neighbours and an architect built a place of beauty and inspiration.

Consensus Design

Community-based building has a strong tradition, and thus an incredible momentum as we face the unformed future.

Done with heart and cooperation, it is innately sensitive to environment and spirit - values many now consider progressive. Employing the current growing consciousness that permeates our world, it can tap creative resources which provide solutions to today's - and even tomorrow's - challenges.

Many architects are finding that their role is changing from god-like bestower of ideas to informed facilitator.

After 25 years of practicing ecological architecture and a constant commitment to community, Christopher Day has collected a wealth of practical knowledge and experience - about building, about ecological design, and about the architect's changing role - which we hope to share here over the coming months.

Central to his work, is the development of the Consensus Design Process, which engages both laypersons and professionals in a series of steps intended to combine non-judgmental observation with the valuable experience of everyone present. The Whole, in Consensus Design, does in fact prove to be delightfully greater than the sum of its parts.


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