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Christopher Day, Registered Architect
Pen-y-Llyn, Brynberian, Crymych, Pembrokeshire SA41 3TL, Wales, UK
Tel: 01239 891399

Curriculum Vitae**

* Consensus design of multi-faith centre, Asha, London
* Teaching at Prince of Wales Institute, London
* Panel member in public debate on sustainability in Northern Ireland, Green Living Fair, Belfast
* Lecture on teaching architecture, TIA Conference, Oxford
* Television interview on BBC SC4 "Heddew"
* Contribution to Sue Roaf's book: "Title" (Phaedon)
* Writing book: "Consensus Design"

* Keynote Lecture at "The Ethics of Building" conference, Lancaster University
* Lecture at Ruskin Mill Centre
* Consulting Advisor to Green Building Digest (from 1995)
* Contributing Editor to "Vision in Action", a Welsh environmental magazine (from 1997)
* Television interview on BBC Wales' "On the House" series
* Consensus Design Workshop (rural regeneration project), East London University
* Writing book: "Spirit & Place"
* Chapter in Warwick Fox' book, "The Ethics of Building" (Routledge Press, London)
* Ongoing urban ecological design project, California (10.5 acres, from 1992)
* Contribution to Nicolas Popl's book: "Experimental Houses" (Calman & King, London)
* Contribution to the book: "Art Around Us" (Francis Balsam Associates with ACCAC, Aberystwyth)

* Thomas D. Clark Lecture, University of Kentucky
* Lecture at Centre for Alternative Technology
* Contribution to book on sustainability, prepared by Oxford Brookes University
* Consulting Advisor to Green Building Digest
* Contributing Editor to "Vision in Action", a Welsh environmental magazine
* Lecture to sustainability course, Twickenham College, London
* RIBA CPD Lecture, Cambridge University
* Thomas D. Clark Lecture, University of Kentucky
* Ongoing design of therapeutic retreat and community, La Palma, Canary Islands
* Ongoing design of Steiner High School, California (from 1995)
* Ongoing urban ecological design project, California (10.5 acres, from 1992)
* Book: A Haven for Childhood

* Lecture at "Creating Sacred Places" conference, Cincinnati University
* Consensus Design Workshop, Brighton Steiner School
* Goethean Science Centre (Scotland), Phase II
* Lectures and review at (two) "Teaching Sustainability" symposea, Oxford Brookes University
* Foreword to "Water, Electricity & Health" (Allen Hall)
* Lecture at University of Texas, San Antonio
* Lecture at University of Texas, Austin
* Lecture at Green Builder Association, Austin, Texas
* Lecture and workshops at Los Altos, California

* Workshop and lecture at Green Building Conference, the National Ecology Centre, Ireland
* Workshop and lectures at "Ecology and the Art of Living" conference, Quebec
* Goethean Science Centre (Scotland) autonomous in operation, and built with materials of the site
* Lecture at "Urban Extasy" Conference, Liverpool
* AIA sponsored lecture to Architects for Social and Environmental Responsibility, San Francisco, California
* Group design workshops in California: Santa Cruz Waldorf School
***East Bay Waldorf School
**Los Altos Waldorf School
* Lecture at Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento, California
* Lecture at Real Goods Solar Living Center, Hopland, California

* Lectures to University of Florida
* AIA sponsored lecture, Portland, Oregon
* Exhibition: Art as a Healing Force, Bath
* Consultancy to School of Municipal Studies, Moscow
* Lecture at Society and Nature Conference, Crimea, Ukraine
* Lecture and Workshop at Sustainable Architecture Symposium, Belfast
* Lecture at Green Buildings Fair, Leeds
* AIA Lecture, Buffalo, New York
* Design for School for Special Needs, Belfast
* German edition of "Places of the Soul"

* Lecture at Natural Building Symposium, Oregon
* Lecture to NW Ulster Architects, Derry
* Consultancy to City of Vladimir, Russia
* Invited participant European Academy of European Involvement Study, Turin
* Consultancy to Spirit Rock Meditation Centre, California
* Consultancy Day-Care Centre, Toronto
* Consultancy Healing Centre, Utah
* Lecture to University of North Kent
* Lecture to University of Edinburgh
* Russian edition of "Places of the Soul" published

* Appointed Tyrone Brick Visiting Professorship, Queens University, Belfast
* Consultancy and lectures in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk (Siberia) and Umeå (Sweden) on Ecological Architecture
* Consultancy of Planetree Foundation, USA and Care Consultants Ltd., UK, on Therapeutic Environment
* Lecture on Organic Development of Place to Swedish Institute of Building Research
* Lecture at Spirit of Sustainability Conference, California, USA
* 2nd edition of "Places of the Soul" published
* Italian edition of "Places of the Soul" published

* 1st Prize (Architecture) National Eisteddfod
* Fine Architecture Award -- 3 counties
* 2nd Prize VIBA Prijsvraag (ecological village competition) Netherlands
* Lecture on Healing Environment at National Symposium on Health-Care Design, USA
* Lecture to Natural Building Network, California

* Prince of Wales Award
* Building Biology study tour in Netherlands and Germany
* Worked with Joachim Eble (foremost biological architect)
* "Places of the Soul" published
* "Building with Heart" published

1972 to present: In private practice: architecture
1976-1990: Leading volunteer groups in building two schools
1982-1991: Organised and ran eight conferences and workshops based on building as an artistic activity
1971-1972: Emerson College -- Agriculture course
1969 to present Lecturing and teaching architecture and environmental design internationally (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, UK and USA) (see Appendix A)
1968-1972: Teaching architecture at Polytechnic of Central London
1967-1968: Teaching architecture at Architectural Association
1960-1967: Studied architecture and sculpture, London;awarded DipAD (hons), DipFA; Arts Council prize for Sculpture
1966: School : 11 "O" Levels, 3 "A" Levels
11.06.42: Date of birth

Projects include (details in Appendix C):

* 1 ecological neighbourhood retail centre (in USA)
* 1 Goethean Science Centre
* 1 permaculture conference centre
* 2 ecological villages (in Sweden and Netherlands)
* 1 ecological "hamlet" for adults with special needs
* 1 ecological business park
* ecological offices, ecological factory, workshops, craft and agricultural buildings
* 5 countryside centres
* 4 chapels and 1 church
* 4 community building complexes
* 3 schools
* 1 theatre
* 1 therapy centre
* 1 retreat centre
* 1 housing co-op
* 102+ houses

* A Haven for Childhood (Starborn Books) (1990) -- book about building a Steiner kindergarten
* Places of the Soul (Thorsons) (1990) -- book about effects of environment on people and ecological architecture (translated into Italian, Russian and German editions)
* Building with Heart (Green Books) (1990) -- book about volunteer building projects

Books in progress
* Spirit & Place: Healing Environment"Healing Ourselves -- integrating 4 themes:
-- Ecological Architecture
-- Organic Development of Place
-- De-alienating Surroundings and
-- Therapeutic Environment
* Environment and Children (co-author)
* Consensus Design

Other Principle Publications
* Welsh Assembly: Design Ideas (Born, 1998)
* Ensouling Buildings (Architectural Design, No 106, Oct/Nov 1993)
* Environment for the Human Being (Building with Nature, USA 1993)
* Healing Environment (Aesclepius, USA 1993)
* Swedish Participation (Eco-Design 1992)
* Environment for the Developing Child (Architects Journal 1991)
* Architecture for the Human Being (Anthroposophy Today 1990)
* Soul Spirit & Environment (Golden Blade 1976)
* Study & Development of Place (with Dr. M. Colquhoun) (in printing)

Interviews and articles on my work in
Architects Journal, Architectural Review, Country Living, Perspective and Resurgence, on TV (13 occasions) and local, national and magazine press and foreign publications (see Appendix B).

Ongoing Research
* Ecological and health aspects of built environment (esp. in Sweden and Germany).
* Organic development of place (with Dr. Colquhoun).

Recent Research
* Spirit of Place (with B. May and R. Coleman)
* Environmental Factors of Influence (with W. Holdsworth)

Projects planned with Professor Glazichev of the European Academy of the Urban Environment, Moscow, and Professor Meerovich of Irkutsk Polytechnic.

Outstanding Invitations
* Research at Swedish Institute of Building Research
* Keynote Lecture at Permaculture Conference, Germany
* Keynote Lecture for Healthy Building Symposium, Italy

Languages: Swedish, German, Welsh
Hobbies: Painting, Carpentry
Delights: Open air, mountains, walking, camping


Lectures, workshops, & teaching on
Architecture and Environmental Design at:

Acanthus Seminar Keynote Speaker
Architectural Association
Bath University
Brighton University
Cambridge University
Cardiff School of Int. Architecture
Cardiff University Extra-mural
Cardiff UWIST
Edinburgh Ecological Design Association
Edinburgh University
Hull School of Architecture
Kingston School of Architecture, Surrey
Liverpool University
London Ecological Design Association
Man & Architecture Conference, Emerson College
Manchester University
Newcastle University
Open Gate: Dartington
Open University
Oxford Brookes University
Plymouth University
Polytechnic of Central London
Prince of Wales Institute
Queens University, Belfast
Regent Street Polytechnic
Royal Academy Symposium
Schumacher College
South Bank University
University of East London
University of North Kent
University of Wales, Lampeter

Bergen School of Architecture
Oslo School of Architecture
Trondheim Architects" Society
Trondheim University

Chalmers University (Gothenburg)
Does the environment speak to us? Conference, Järna
Living Language of Architecture Conference, Järna
Swedish Institute of Building Research, Gävle

Full-scale Models Conference, Copenhagen
Royal Academy of Arts (Architecture School), Copenhagen

Lisbon University

Ecological Architects' Group, Tübingen

Ecological School, Moscow
European Academy of the Urban Environment, Moscow
Moscow Institute of Architecture
St. Petersburg University

Irkutsk Polytechnics

Conference: The Effects of Society on Nature and Nature on Society, Crimea

AIA Buffalo, New York
AIA San Francisco, California
Cincinnati University
Kansas State University
Lecture and Workshop at Cal Poly, California
Lecture to Earthword, California
Lecture to Natural Building Symposium, Oregon
National Symposium on Health Care Design, San Diego
Natural Building Network, Santa Rosa
Open Lecture in San Francisco
Planetree Foundation, San Francisco
University of Kansas
University of Kansas, Missouri
University of Kentucky
University of Texas, San Antonio
University of Texas, Austin


Articles by others about my work (excluding reviews)

Alternatives - John Osmond (Thorsons)
Theories and Manifestoes of Contemporary Architecture - Charles Jencks (UK))
The Healthy House - Sidney Baggs (Australia)
Earth to Spirit - David Pearson (UK, US)
The Green Imperative - Victor Papanek (UK)
Kindergarten Architecture - Mark Dudek (UK)
Hus och Rum för Små Barn - G. Lundahl (Sweden)
Den Natruliga Stad - Stein (Sweden)
Mens en Milieubewurst - VIBA (Netherlands)

1994 Perspective
1993 Architectural Design
1992 Architects Journal
1991 Architects Journal
1990 BADA
1990 RIBA Journal
1981 Architects Journal
1981 Architectural Review
1980 Architects Journal

1990 Child & Man
1989 Cadeceus
1986 Resurgence
1984 Resurgence

1993 Country Living
1990 Sunday Times
1989 Western Telegraph
1987 County Echo
1983 Sunday Times
1982 County Echo
1982 Clebran
1981 Womans Own
1980 Observer
1980 Western Mail
1979 Western Telegraph

1993 Gezond Bouwen & Wonen
1992 Gezond Bouwen & Wonen
Book: 1991 Mens en Milieubewurst (VIBA)

1991 Ung Center
Books: 1995 Hus och Rum för Små Barn ­ G. Lundahl
1990 Den Natruliga Stad

Material submitted to be included in a proposed book on organic architecture


More Interesting Projects:

* ecological neighbourhood retail centre (in USA) to develop strategy for organic growth, proposals for early phases and 1st phase in detail for retail, office and residential development of a 14 acre site. The project aims to establish ecological responsibility, attractive humane environment, society building and cultural opportunities. Central to the design is natural cooling and security from street crime by mix of uses and vibrant pedestrian areas.

* ecological village in Sweden: 11 dwellings and work places and communal facilities, designed on paper and in clay with the occupants. Climate cold, down to -40°C, culture high level of ecological concern.

* ecological village in Netherlands (competition): 100 dwellings plus communal facilities for ecological architecture competitoin arranged and judeged by three bodies, Ecological Association, residents and financiers. I worked together with Services Engineer, W. Holdsworth; we were awarded 2nd Prize.

* ecological business park (competition): we set out to demonstrate that these could be ecologicaly responsible with respect to energy, indoor climate and daylight, low pollution, low damage materials, local materials and skills, water and waste recycling and onsite treatment, wildlife and flora, minimum disruption to landscape, organic development out of existing activity nodes.

* Steiner School -- conversion of derelict building with unskilled volunteers.

* Retreat centre -- conversion of farm buildings; awarded Prince of Wales Award, First Prize National Eisteddford, Templeton Award.

* Steiner Kindergarten volunteer project; Three Counties Architectural Award and major press coverage, including Architects Journal cover.

* School for special needs design with teachers through waht buildings and approach should "say" up to clay and card models and drawings.

My Approach to Architecture and Environmental Design

I try to design projects which develop and enhance the spirit of place already there so that the new is not an imposition, but an organic development of the old.

I aim to minimize pollution off and on site, by energy conservation measures, including renewable energy sources, by using low-pollution materials?local where feasible, and air-quality renewing vegetation.

In addition to minimizing indoor pollution, I aim to support the foundations of health by providing environments which enhance the life processes of the body, nurture the soul and nourish the spirit.

I aim to design places which are beneficial to all the senses, are harmonious in their relationships of elements and provide for basic needs of soul (such as de-stressing or sociability).

I aim to design places in which the outer environment supports states of inner being, appropriate to the needs of the moment.

I have developed techniques of designing in which users can take a partnerhsip role so that design arises out of the conversation between all involved.

I aim to use artistic architecture as a socially healing impulse.

* * *

My Workshop Method

Workshops are designed as a listening process so that a group (up to 30, so far) can open themselves to the character and needs of the project, already active or about to be placed there. In this way, design decisions emerge by consensus that integrates the (sometimes apparently conflicting) multiferous pressures.

* * * * *

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