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Christopher laying a thin wash of color on sawn wood window frames. 10/98

The Spirit & Place website was created to be a number of things.

First, so many people write with questions - about self-building, ecological design, and more! - and Christopher has had little time to respond. We hope that we can begin to direct them here... and that more and more answers can be found easily as the site grows.

Second, Christopher has generated great quantities of valuable written material on the subject of Spirit & Place. Some of it has made its way into books. Some has been presented in magazine articles and in lectures. Rather than tuck it away (or worse, misfile it!), I want to make it available for all on this site.

Third, we'd like our friends (known and unknown) and colleagues to know what we are up to, how projects are progressing, and how Christopher's design and building principles are evolving.

And finally, as with all of the Art & Spirit website, it is a learning tool for me, Penina. By collecting Christopher's work, thoughts and resources, plus generating some of my own, this site is intended to be a source of edification, inspiration and delight - for myself, for Christopher, and for you.


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